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In-Game and Console Commands.

Server Commands

All commands shown below can be used in the console as-is. If an OP wants to execute them, Put a '/' infront of the command.

- Don't just click x on the server window. Use the command "Stop" to quit the server, I used to press x and eventually I noticed parts of my map were corrupted and it had holes and things in it.

- If you die far away from the spawn point and are in a server with other people, Use the teleport command to teleport to them.
tp <ausername> to <anotherusername>

- Feeling lazy? Give yourself the items you need. 
give <ausername> <itemID> <amount(if not added default is 1)>

Here are the Item IDs for the 'give' command.

- Not logged in but want to broadcast a message to your players? 
say <message>

- Want to change the time of day? Number ranges from 0 to 24000.
time <add/set> <amount>

- Who's on your server? List the players using:


- To ban a username
ban <username>

- To ban an IP (IP's are shown in the console upon them connecting)
ban-ip <IP>

To be continued...